Plastic Waste Management

Plastic Waste Management

We at Cleanytic is committed to offer a wide range of innovative & tailor-made solutions for plastic waste management based on customer & local regulatory requirements. We collaborate with various Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) Companies & sustainable brands in helping them to achieve plastic neutrality. We offer services under following categories.

Pre-Consumer Plastics

Pulp & Paper Industry, FMCG Warehouse & E-commerce hubs face huge problems for sustainably achieving end of life of Plastic waste (Residual Plastic) generated from Paper mills or left discarded at warehouses or hubs. Later, these plastics are either dumped into landfills or heaps are created at a location outside town in remote locations, where it remains stored for months which can be harmful and unsafe for the environment.

We at Cleanytic have taken a step to offer end of life solution for such plastic wastes wherein these wastes are sent to Cements Kilns Or Waste-to-Energy facilities and useful energy is utilized from them while ensuring end of life. This provides dual benefits i.e. Energy Recovery and Zero leakages to environment

Post-Consumer Plastics

In 2016, a revolutionary measure was taken up by MoEF&CC and CPCB by introducing Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR). It’s a policy-based approach under which producer, importer & brand owners (PIBOs) are given a significant responsibility to facilitate the collect back system of post-consumer plastics

Post Consumer Plastics

Stakeholders in Plastic Waste Value Chain


Informal Waste Workers (Rag pickers, Scrap dealers, Aggregators)


Government Authorities (ULB, SPCB, UDHD, CPCB, MoEF & CC)


Producer, Importer & Brand owners (PIBOs)


Waste Management Agencies (WMA)


Logistic Service Providers


Recycling & End of Life Solution partners

Post Consumer Plastics

We are offering End to End EPR Services which include

  1. Brand Registration Consultancy
  2. Preparation of your EPR Action Plan
  3. Segregation, handling & transportation of Plastic Waste
  4. End of Life Solution for Plastic Waste – Recycling, Co-processing, Waste-to-Energy etc.
  5. End to End Digital Traceability with modern information technology tools to track movement & final waste treatment
  6. Support in submission of progress report as per regulatory requirements
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